QSLs & Traffic

QSL: 100% of QSOs confirmed with QSL color paper. Your QSL is not required.

Direct QSL with Paypal 4$ (among friends) to  f6bcw@orange.fr  with your address.
Otherwise QSL to my address (on the contact page) with 4$.

The other QSLs will be sent to all QSOs via buro in 12 months after my return.

To offset the cost of air freight for the equipment, donations are welcome via Paypal at address f6bcw@orange.fr

Traffic QTR: minimum 8 hours per day, generally from 03 to 07 UT and from 3pm to 5pm UT, as well as during good DX openings. I will do auto spot on the Clusters.

Traffic split :  CW up 1 to 5 – SSB up 5 to 15.   If it’s possible digital mode, (QRG see the cluster).

BandCW Mode
SSB Mode
80m3527kHz 3627kHz ou 3787kHz
60mSplit only
TX : 5352kHz
RX : EU/Canada 5353 to 5355
RX : USA 5373 & 5405
40m7027kHz7127kHz ou 7187kHz
20m14027kHz14137kHz ou 14237kHz
15m21027kHz21227kHz ou 21327kHz
QRG + or – 5kHz according to QRM